Conversations with a Physicist: Book 2

Conversations with a Physicist: Book 2

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This smart little book is lighthearted (but serious) fun, laugh-out-loud (at times) entertaining, and educational all at once. Quite a feat to pull off—and it gets me thinking about art, creation, Being, meaning, and other of Life’s “big” themes almost effortlessly. Two of my favorite quotes from the book are “God is Thought” and “The Universe is the Mama, the Self-Creator of all there is.” It is highly recommended for anyone who desires a good mind-stirring. Good work and Bravo, Father Time!
 Alden Marin, poet

In this fun and revelatory book, you will float down the stream of consciousness sharing the raft of two friends as they converse about the nature of time, reality, god and truth. The book delves into the constant correction of our perceptions as we flow onward and closer to the eternal truth. It strives to liberate the reader from the fear of the unknown and deliver the reader to the lush banks of understanding.
— Chris Jones, lawyer/musician

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