From the Alleys of Baghdad

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EDMOND COHEN was born to a poor family in Baghdad in 1935. His memoir gives a rare glimpse of that city when it was still home to the oldest Jewish community in the world. In the alleys of the Jewish quarter, he learned a unique skillset for survival, facing more challenges during World War II (1939-1945) and the pogrom known as the Farhud (1941). His ability to survive led him to thrive after Iraq’s Jews were deported to Israel (1951-1952). He went on to become a successful businessman in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, USA, where he started Dynamic Industries and lives today. In 1980, he was inspired by his new environment to become an artist and philosopher.



The Cohen family, 1936. Edmond Cohen sits on his mother Hannah’s lap. His siblings are Rahamim in collared shirt, Eli in suspenders, Joseph in dishdasha, and Saiida on the right.

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